Teacher of the Month
April Wilbanks – 2nd grade 
Mrs. Wilbanks has worked at Wheeler for almost 11 years first in kindergarten and for the last few years 2nd grade. Her favorite area to teach is phonics and reading.

Student of the Week – 2/7 – 2/11

Pre-K – 2 Kathrynn Dees –   She is always kind, a great friend to all the other classmates. She does her classwork and is always prepared for class. 

3 – 5 Gunner Bryson –  He always has his work and comes to school prepared. He is very kind and has a loving heart.

6 – 8 Eli Copeland – Eli is fun to have in class. He is always adding to good discussions in the classroom and works hard. 

9 – 12 Jonathon Delaney – Jonathon is always so helpful and willing to do work.  He does what he has to do and tries to be helpful to teachers and the school in general. He is always in a good mood and talks to everyone. 

Student of the Week 2/5-2-28Pre-K – 2 Everleigh LoweryEverleigh is a very smart girl with a big personality! She is always participating in class and willing to lend a helping hand. She always brightens my day!

3-5 Rylee MooneyRylee is a hard worker in the classroom and is always very respectful to her teachers and her classmates! She is a great representation of the eagle family! 

6-8 Josie Crawford – 

9-12 Chasniya Young – Chasniya works very hard in class. She completes all of her assignments well and on time. She’s fun to be around and is such a kind person!

Teacher of the Month
Susan Sartin
has been teaching high school resource classes at Wheeler School for 21 years. She goes beyond teaching by helping with any needs around the school. She volunteers her time to do whatever is needed for teachers, in the gym, or school.  The Eagles are lucky to have her at the school.

Student of the Week 11/8-12
Pre-K -2: Ryker Stephens is always kind and helpful to his classmates.  He fully participates in class and give his all in everything we do. 

3-5: Chase Moody is such a sweet student that is very friendly and kind to all of his classmates.  He is always quick to include others!

6-8: Brittany Miller is a very hard worker who always has a smile on her face. She pays attention and participates in class and is always willing to be of help to her teachers.

9-12: Sandra Holloway works hard and completes all her assignments even when in quarantine.  She does not complain, always smiles, and tries to help others.

10-18 to 10-22 Student of the Week
Pre-K – 2 Cooper Bullock – Cooper is always smiling and helping. He works hard in class to do his best.
3rd- 5th Dalton GardnerDalton is such a sweet child. He is always smiling and trying his best. His effort in and out of the classroom is greatly appreciated.
6- 9 Aubree James – Aubree works hard in all her classes and in many extra curricular activities.
10 – 12 Joy Skelton – Joy is always willing to help and has pride in his school.

Student of the Week 10/4 to 10/7

Pre-K – K –Rynna Hardin tries her very best on all of her work. She is always pleasant and kind to her classmates and teachers.

1st – 2nd –Faithlynn Huff  is a friend to all. She tries her very hardest at any task put in front of her. She is always willing to help anyone who needs it.

3rd – 4th –Copper Hancock works very hard on all his assignments and always does his best. He is a helper to his classmates and is so kind. Cooper is a true example of Eagle Excellence. 

5th – 6th –Abby Lansdell  is a very positive and hardworking student. She is so kind to her classmates and very respectful to her teachers. She is truly a joy to have in class.

7th – 8th –Case Null is a great student. He keeps a smile on his face, and he is very participatory in his classes. He is extremely well-mannered and a hard, dedicated worker.

9th – 10th –Timothy Scott works hard in class. He is always present for school and has all his work completed. He will respond in class and is a joy to teach. 

11th – 12th – Gavin McPeak – Gavin works hard to complete his assignments and is always willing to help others.

Student of the Week 9/20-9/24
Pre-K – K Nora Cleveland – Nora is always kind to her classmates.  She is always willing to help someone out.  Nora follows all of the classroom rules and strives to do her best.

3rd-4th Harmony Joiner – Harmony works so hard and is a good student. Harmony is kind to her classmates. She takes her time and tries her hardest, and is constantly checking her work.

5th – 6th Jetsin Humphrey – Jetsin is improving by leaps and bounds. He is working diligently to give his best effort in the classroom, staying focused, and completing all of his work. We are so proud of him!

7th – 8th Kloe Gann – Kloe is a very kindhearted student who is always on her best behavior.  She is a hard worker and is extremely dedicated to doing well in all of her classes.

9th -10th Tristina Tucker – Tristian is a conscientious student who takes the initiative to learn and grow. He participates in class and always gives well thought-out answers. He is a pleasure to teach and is the perfect example of what a student should be.

Student of the Week 9/13 to 9/17
Pre-K – K –
1st – 2nd –Stella Hill – Stella is the ideal student.  She arrives ready to work, she’s always respectful, and her assignments are always completed with a smile on her face.  She’s an absolute joy to teach!3rd – 4th –Brayden Wilson – Brayden is such a sweet student. He gives 100% on every assignment and is so well behaved in the classroom. It is a joy to have Brayden this year at Wheeler!

5th – 6th –Kinley Wren – Kinley is soaring in 6th grade. She always works hard, helps others, and shows amazing effort in the classroom. She is a true example of a WHS student.

7th – 8th –Khloe Joiner – Khloe is a hard worker and is very helpful to other students with their work, especially in math class. She is a very kind student that we are all proud of.

9th – 10th Kaci Hammac – Kaci is always pleasant in class. She volunteers and works hard to complete her assignments. She is a joy to have in class and makes class fun!

11th -12th – Samuel Lamy – Samuel volunteers and shares his work with the class. He works well with others and is prepared for class.

9/6 to 9/10 Student of the Week
Pre-K – Kindergarten:
Charlie Dillard –   Charlie is always kind and respectful, works so hard everyday, and uses good manners.  Charlie has one of the kindest hearts and smiles.

1st – 2nd:
Amelia Coats – She always participates in class and does everything the teacher asks her too.

3rd – 4th:
Ryan Harris – Ryan is an absolute joy to have in class. He has been working very hard on his assignments and doesn’t mind helping others when needed.

5th – 6th:
Tyler Austin – Tyler is so respectful and hardworking. He always does his work with a smile on his face even underneath his mask.

7th – 8th:
Isabella Owens – Isabella is a model student that any teacher would be ecstatic to have.  She is quiet, well mannered, and an extremely hard, dedicated worker.

9th – 10th:
Braxton Delaney -Braxton has had a great week this week. He has had a positive attitude and completed all his assignments. He interacts in class and is always respectful to his teachers and classmates.

11th – 12th:
Nyshaun Hutcheson – Nyshaun always has a smile on his face! He is friendly to students and respectful to his teachers. He has not missed a day of school and has been working hard in class.

Teacher of the Month
Devan Tate

Student of the Week 8/30-9/3

PreK-K 1-2
Kori Copeland is kind and helpful to her classmates.
3-4Brayden Stephens is very kind and polite and comes to school prepared and ready for class! He turns in his assignments on time! He is a delight to have in class. 5-6
 7-8Blayke Riddle has had perfect attendance this school year. He is also working very hard and his grades are prove this. He had a progress report worthy of going on the ‘fridge’!! 9-10Morgen Reidy  has made huge improvements in her academics since returning to school from distance learning last year, currently maintaining all A’s in her classes this semester. She is ecstatic about coming to school each day, always has a positive attitude, and absolutely enjoys her teachers. Morgen is a very respectful student who works diligently in the classroom to complete her assignments and even stops to help a few classmates along the way. 
GRADE 11-12


Student of the Week August 23-27

Braylon Barnes always follows the rules, does his work, and is very respectful to the other students.
Grade 1-2
Alex Wroten is a very outgoing, kind, and helpful student.  He is always willing to assist a classmate in need, is a great leader, and a joy to teach.
Grade 3-4
Jaycee McClellan is so kind and polite,
 comes to school prepared, completes all of her assignments, and does her work neatly.   
Grade 5-6
Aarley Starks is a very sweet child, always kind and helpful to other students, always puts forth his best effort and excels with his academics and behavior inside the classroom  and outside of the classroom.
Grade 7-8
Jon-David Lane is the epitome of a positive attitude and also a very motivated, hard worker. He always has a “smize” on his face and a funny word to say, which makes for a great classroom atmosphere.
Grade 9-10
Gracie Williams completed all of her assignments diligently, submitting great work. She participates in class and asks very good questions.
Grade 11-12
Mallory Moreland has been working very hard and volunteering in math class and displaying her work on TV. I am very proud of her work ethic these first few weeks.