2/8/2021  Student of the Week 

K-2 – Joni Davis is always kind, does all the work asked of her, uses her manners and makes friends easily.

3-4 – Christopher Williams enrolled a couple weeks ago at Wheelerand is doing very well. He is a good student who works hard and is respectful .
5-6 – Addison McKinney has improved immensely this school year. She is so respectful to her teachers and classmates and well liked by all!
7-8 – Haley Sprouse  is an extremely hard worker with a positive attitude who is always willing to lend a helping hand to her classmates.
9-10 – Kirsten Tyes is a sweet soul who is on top of her work at school. She is friendly and kind to everyone.

11-12 – Madison Garrett is a great representation of Wheeler who is involved in many extracurricular activities and doesn’t let that affect her school work. She is a great example for her classmates!

2/1 – 2/5 Student of the Week K-2 Ryker Stephens always tries his best, helps other students when they are having trouble, and is always respectful!  3-4 Abby Lansdell is a hard worker and has a great personality and is also kind to others. She does well and takes her time on every assignment.
5-6 Marsha Parker excels in the classroom, and the effort she puts forth in completing her work cannot be matched! She is always going above and beyond to make sure all of her work is completed.
7-8 Brody Stewart is an excellent worker and always puts forth his best effort. He always participates and meaningfully adds to classroom discussions, while maintaining his kind-hearted, well-mannered nature. 9-10 Zach Watson has been working hard in class and is respectful and helpful also. Zach has completed all of his assignments in a timely manner.
11-12 Blaine Powell  is very polite and respectful and always willing to help others.

January Teacher of the Month

Mr. Steven Hodgin has been teaching 27 years; the last 4 years as a Wheeler Eagle. He teaches English II, Sr. English, Creative Writing, and ACT Prep.

Student of the Week 1/28/21

K-2 – Blade Dillard – Blade is kind and helpful. This week he had an extra snack and gave it to one of his classmates that did not have a snack.3-4 – Ariel Owens  is always asking how she can help. Always has a smile on her face. Comes to school prepared and ready to learn.5-6- Kinley Wren – Kinley has worked hard to make big improvements in the classroom. She is a bright student that adds so much spunk to our classrooms. We are so very proud of her!

7-8 Kaden Brown – Kaden is currently rocking in math class! He works hard,  participates in class, and always has a positive attitude….even though he “hates math”!

9-10 – Jayden Lowery – Jayden is very friendly and kind. She works hard inside and outside of the classroom.

11-12 – Joy Skelton – Completes all his assignments and puts maximum effort into them. He has excellent grades.

Student of the Week 1/21/21
K-2 – Brooklyn Williams SC (2)  Brooklyn is always friendly, kind, and outgoing. She works hard everyday to learn as much as possible and help her friends as well. She always tries her very best at all she does. 

3-4 – Carson Mears – Carson is always polite and well mannered. He is always smiling.

5-6 – Braleigh Mason – Braleigh works hard and always completes her work to the best of her ability. She is kind to all her classmates and exemplifies what it means to be an eagle!Brooklyn  


7-8 –  Serenity Morrison – Serenity is a hard worker and polite in class.



9-10 – Noell Fritz – Noell is always kind and sweet to everyone. She works hard in class and does her best.



11-12 – Hope Dubois – Hope has a full load this semester in her Senior year, but is working hard and keeping her assignments up to date. Her teachers are very proud of her.

Student of the Week 1/14/21

K-2 – Cheyenne Wilemon, Cheyenne was nominated because she cheers others on, works hard, has great classroom behavior, and celebrates when others are awarded.

3-4 – Caston Price, Caston was nominated because he is kind to others, works hard and never complains. Caston is very well mannered and respectful.



5/6 –  Hudson Bridges, Hudson was nominated because he is respectful, participates, and always does his best.

7/8 – Madison Mears, Madison always has a smile on her face, is kind to others, and always works hard.


9/10 –Carson Null,  is very friendly, has been working very hard, has submitted all assignments on time with 100% completion. 

11/12 – Gabe Bennett, is very friendly and involved at school. Gabe recently made a 31 on the ACT.