This year, our Kindergarten is starting a new reading challenge to help encourage the love of reading in our students. This challenge will help our Kindergarten students prepare for AR reading when they enter 1st grade.

Each student will have the opportunity to receive 5 different prizes based on the number of books they read. Each category is 10 books per prize up to 50 books. A chart is included below to help explain the requirements each student must meet in order to receive the next prize.

10 BOOKS Sonic Treat Voucher
20 BOOKS Treasure Chest Prize
30 BOOKS Trip to School Concession Stand
40 BOOKS Reading Medal
50 BOOKS Reading Trophy (at Kindergarten Awards Program)

This is not a mandatory requirement, but we hope you will help your child participate at home as reading is a key to being successful. Each student will have a reading log to document the book, author, parent signature, and date. Each book can only count one time. We will be allowing our weekly reader stories to apply to our challenge, so you may use these stories only once each. For students that do not have books available to them at home, we will be happy to send books from our class libraries to ensure everyone is given a chance to read as many books as possible. Each student will have to sign the book out and will be responsible for returning borrowed books- any lost books will have a $5 fee. Please know, this challenge is not just about prizes, it is to help our children have an opportunity to see how exciting reading can be, as well as to help increase reading skills in comprehension and fluency. We ask that when you sign off on a book, you make sure your child can answer questions about the book that was read either by them or to them to ensure we can give them the points for that book during reading conference check-offs. If you are reading the book to your child, please make sure you are having your child repeat what you are reading in order for it to count towards their goal. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. The child from each class that reads the most books total will receive an additional grand prize! So while we are trying to reach each child’s 50 books goal, we challenge them to continue past 50 to see who read the most! Happy reading-read for the gold!


Wheeler Kindergarten Teachers